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"Project Financing in the U.K. – From a project to a finished hospital"

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The Project Financing activity developed over the years in various markets and in particular in Anglo-Saxon ones, by resorting to various contractual and organisational solutions and with different modalities.

In Great Britain the PFI (Private Finance Initiative) was started by the English Government with the purpose of facilitating the creation and management of infrastructures and public services by resorting to private capitals. Italy presents great opportunities and need to realize Project Financing initiatives, both due to the limited availability of public investment loans, and to the need to apply an entrepreneurial and market logic also to the establishment of public structures.

In this scenario, by organising today's meeting and in order to adequately address the increasing request for information and operational modalities coming from the Italian health universe, we deem useful to propose an important occasion to assess the reality of the United Kingdom's health service, thorough Project Financing experts.