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Banca Farmafactoring's activity aims at addressing the financial needs of healthcare and Public Administration providers. It consists in two main business lines: credit management and assignment of receivables.


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Credit management that makes a difference

We handle the management of credits towards the National Health System and the Public Administration taking care of the payment process of invoices entrusted, reporting the reasons, if any, impeding payment and, once the payment is received, recording it and producing the relevant account balance.

Where necessary, we commence legal proceedings in the name and on behalf of the client.

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To whom the service is addressed

Problems inherent in the collection of payments process may represent a very burdensome cost for the single NHS and PA provider. Resorting to Banca Farmafactoring and its internal team of professionals who have dealt with this process for more than 30 years, guarantees a higher credit performance.


What are the advantages of Banca Farmafactoring's management service?

Banca Farmafactoring's management service closely monitors the entire invoice life cycle, after issuance until payment: from the invoice mapping to the reminders, from the visit to the debtor to the registrations, from the settlement proposal to the commencement of litigation, from the application for certification to the appointment of the ad acta commissioner.

Banca Farmafactoring's structure guarantees:

  • Internal cost reductions
  • High specialisation
  • Constant monitoring of credit performance
  • Only contact point for the entire NHS and PA system
  • Guarantee of respect for the relations between supplier and Entity


What characterizes Banca Farmafactoring's management service?

  • The management service is not limited to the collection of payments but also includes ancillary activities: electronic invoicing and electronic storage, certification on MEF platform, training and updating meetings, reporting and information
  • Data interchange technological platforms: Farmalink, SmartFlowPa
  • Banca Farmafactoring is accredited as professional contact point with all entities of the NHS and the PA
  • The entire structure is flexible and oriented to adapting to the each client's processes, regardless of the business sector


How does it work?

The relation with the client is based on a management agreement providing for percentage fees on the value of the receivables entrusted.

The receivables subject matter of the relation are transmitted by the client and entered into the systems of Banca Farmafactoring that, by virtue of a power of attorney released by the client, acts on its behalf with the goal of recovering the payment from the debtor.

The client may verify the status of receivables through Farmalink and standard reports or reports tailored on its requests.


Where we provide the service?

Italy and Spain

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We purchase credits claimed against the LHAs, Hospitals and Public Administrations.

Upon request, we prepare a proposal of non-recourse purchase, including all receivables approaching maturity, indicating the purchase fee, which is different from Region to Region, depending on the average delay payment times and the cost of money.

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To whom the service is addressed

The non-recourse Factoring offered by Banca Farmafactoring is used by Companies claiming credits towards the Public Administration and in particular towards the Entities of the NHS (LHAs, Hospitals).

For a company providing goods and/or services to the Public Administration, which is subject to payment times well beyond the natural contractual maturity, Banca Farmafactoring's non-recourse factoring is the most appropriate financial instrument.


Which are the advantages of Banca Farmafactoring's non-recourse?

The non-recourse assignment of receivables transaction shall not be deemed as a financing transaction, but as a broader financial instrument that guarantees:

  • reduction of risks for the client, which is no longer subject to the debtor's insolvency risk;
  • certainty as to the receivable assignment cost;
  • cash flow planning;
  • improvement of financial statements' ratios;
  • broadening of the investment capacity of the liquidity originated.


What distinguishes Banca Farmafactoring's non-recourse?

  • The non-recourse purchase of receivable modality applied by Banca Farmafactoring is compatible with the international accounting principles (IAS)
  • No quantitative limits per debtor are provided for
  • No paper form document transmission is necessary; the electronic form transmission of the necessary information is sufficient
  • Receivables assigned to Banca Farmafactoring are managed with upmost professionalism, guaranteeing the transferor's reputation and respecting the commercial relation between the transferor and the debtor


How does it work?

Banca Farmafactoring assesses the debtor's invoices provided by the client (transferor), on the basis of its database and field obtained information, and transmits an economic proposal to the client.

The relation with the client is based on an investigation carried out on the same and on the exchange of a framework agreement between Banca Farmafactoring and the client.

Upon acceptance of the economic proposal, the receivable is assigned by means of public deed and the payment of the receivable purchased is effected.


Where do we supply the services?

Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece (supplied from Italy)

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Electronic invoicing is not a problem for our clients

We make available to our clients a platform specifically developed to make the transmission on SDI platform more flexible and traceable. The platform can be integrated with the similar Smart DOC PA which is dedicated to the electronic storage.

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To whom the service is addressed

Banca Farmafactoring's clients have the possibility to use the SmartFlowPA platform to send electronic invoices to the Interchange System (SDI) and to the purchasing PA. Furthermore, should the clients not have instruments for electronic storage, by means of Smart DOC PA they can activate this functionality, in conjunction with Smart Flow PA.


What are the advantages of Smart Flow PA?

SmartFlow PA is a platform developed by a specialised operator under the supervision of Banca Farmafactoring and directly managed by the internal structure of the Bank and is characterised by:

  • Total flow outsourcing from/to the Interchange System
  • Same layout used for interfacing with the Lazio Region portal
  • User-friendly web platform
  • Limitless number of workstations
  • Phone help desk
  • All inclusive annual fee


What distinguishes Banca Farmafactoring's electronic invoicing system?

  • the service may furthermore by used to run the Credit Certification Platform ONCE THE ADVANCED CCP WILL BE AVAILABLE
  • It can be integrated with the Smart DOC PA
  • Short set up times


How does it work?


Where do we supply the service?


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Online Banking

Conto Facto and Cuenta Facto are online term deposits, easy to use, safe, well remunerated, innovative: both can be activated in a few clicks, both are guaranteed by the Italian Interbank Fund for Deposit Protection ("Fondo Interbancario di Tutela dei Depositi"), their interest rates are amongst the most remunerative in the market and both allow customers to choose freely the exact maturity date for their investment.

Conto Facto targets the Italian market and is addressed to natural persons, enterprises and micro-enterprises. For more information please see www.contofacto.it.

Cuenta Facto targets the Spanish market and is addressed to natural persons. For more information please see www.cuentafacto.es.