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Related-party Transactions Committee

The RPT Committee is vested with the functions set out in Banca Farmafactoring S.p.A. Banking Group's Regulation for the identification, and resolution upon, related-party transactions (the "RPT Regulation"), in compliance with the applicable provisions of law.

The RPT Committee represents a safeguard against the risk that the proximity, if any, of certain persons to the Bank's decision-making centres may compromise the objectivity and impartiality of decisions on transactions involving the same persons, with possible distortions in the resource allocation process, the Bank's exposures to non-adequately measured or overseen risks, potential damages for shareholders and stakeholders. The above also for the purpose of complying with the prudential restrictions set forth by Circular No. 263 of the Bank of Italy.

The Committee is comprised of independent members of the Board of Directors. 

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Composition of the RPT Committee
  Title Office
Salvatore Messina Independent member Chairman of the Committee
Elisabetta Oliveri Independent member Committee Member
Zambeletti Rossi
Independent member Committee Member