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For the purpose of making the opportunity provided for by the recent legislation on receivables certified and guaranteed by the State (EFM Decree of 27 June 2014 – implementing article  37 of Law Decree No. 66/2014) tangible and effective, Banca Farmafactoring created a tailor made offer, addressed to all PA providers claiming for this type of certified and guaranteed receivables.

The offer is reserved to enterprises (professionals and individuals are excluded).

  • The receivables subject matter of the offer are those certified and guaranteed by the State, relating to invoices due and payable as at 31.12.2013 with unexpired certified payment date
  • The minimum amount per enterprise is equal to 500,000.00 € (fivehundredthousand euro), and the minimum size per certification/debtor is equal to 30,000.00 € (thirtythousand euro)
  • The fixed price for the assignment is equal to 1.6% per year, guaranteeing favourable conditions compared to the 1.9% provided for portfolios smaller than 50,000.00 €
  • The assignment occurs on a simplified basis, through the Receivable Certification Platform and by way of subscription of an agreement as per ABI's template.The supply takes place 10 days after the assignment through the RCP, except in case of suspension causes due to administrative verifications by the entity
  • • Receivables claimed towards the entire National Health Systems and the entities of the Central Public Administration are included; as regards the entities of the local PA (for instance, cities) Banca Farmafactoring will carry out a portfolio assessment


mail commerciale@bancafarmafactoring.it

enlightened 800-047.657


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For members only

Banca Farmafactoring is quite aware that being proactive and proposing on-time solutions is vital. In order to reach that goal BFF operates in partnership with the industry organizations and designs tailor-made proposals for their members:

  • October 2013: special proposal for Farmindustria members - Expired
  • November 2013: special proposal for Assobiomedica members - Expired
  • September 2014: special proposal for Apifarma members (Portugal) - Expired

To know about the current proposal (Italian only):