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Appointment Committee

The Appointment Committee is vested with proposal and advisory functions in support of the Board of Directors in the following processes:

  • appointment and co-optation of Board Members;
  • self-appraisal of the Board of Directors;
  • verification of the professionalism, integrity and independency requisites of the Board Members;

definition of succession plans, if any, in the leading positions of the executive. taking care to avoid situations in which the Board of Directors' decision-making processes is dominated by a sole person or group of persons, causing a possible prejudice to the Bank. The Committee is comprised of No. 3 (three) non-executive members of the Board of Directors, appointed by the same Board of Directors and the majority of which meets the independency requirements set out in the Articles of Association and the Board of Directors' Regulation.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is a full participant of the meetings, and participates in them without voting rights.

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Composition of the Appointment Committee
Name Title Office
Fornari Luswergh
Independent member Chairman of the Committee
Michaela Aumann Independent member Committee Member
Ben Carlton
Non-executive member Committee Member