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Remuneration Committee

The Committee is vested with advisory and proposal functions towards the Board of Directors in the matter of remuneration and incentives.

In particular, the Committee has advisory and proposal tasks in the matter of remuneration of personnel whose remuneration and incentive systems are determined by the Board of Directors and determining the criteria for the remuneration of all the "key personnel", as identified in the Policy of Remuneration and Incentive in favor of members of the Strategic Supervision Bodies, Management and Control, and the BFF Banking Group staff.

The Committee is comprised of No. 3 (three) non-executive members of the Board of Directors, at least No. 2 (two) of which are independent.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is a full participant of the meetings, and participates in them without voting rights.

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Composition of the Remuneration Committee
  Title Office
Independent member Chairman of the Committee
Zambeletti Rossi
Indipendent member Committee Member
Non-executive member Committee Member